J. B. Marine Soccer Club: Back to Our Roots

After a four year trial as a Sporting KC Affiliate Member, it has been decided to return to our independent roots of J. B. Marine Soccer Club which dates back to our inception in 1978. Although many great relationships were formed, the change provides the opportunity to continue our unwavering focus on top player development for girls and boys delivered in an affordable family-friendly environment while retaining the creativity to make necessary enhancements to ensure our future success.

As one of the longest tenured soccer clubs in St. Louis, we look forward to adding to our 83 Missouri State Championships, 23 Regional Championships, 6 National Championships, 4 USNT participants, 2 Olympic Gold Medalists, 2 World Cup Champions, and commemorating our 40 year anniversary. We will also be presenting some exciting news in the near future including our new logo along with additional opportunities for the St. Louis soccer community.

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