J. B. Marine Soccer Club is a not for profit club for which annual club fees are dependent upon the number of teams/players for each year. The services and resources provided are based on a 100% collection rate of the Club Fee in exchange for acceptance into the Club. Club membership can be revoked for non-payment of fees.  Club fees of $650.00 are due via online payment in full by June 30th annually and do not include cost of uniforms or individual Team Fees.  An additional Turf Assessment fee of $150.00 will be due October 15th upon the completion of new lighted turf fields.  These turf fields (4) are necessary for the long-term success of the Club and will be scheduled with preference to high school age teams with usage available for all teams in good standing.

As parent or legal guardian, I agree to pay all fees for the current soccer season which includes Club Fees, Uniform Costs, Team Fees and Turf Assessment for the Sporting J.B. Marine SC.  I understand that I am responsible for payment of these fees in full even if I choose at my own will to have my child leave the team or transfer to another team for any reason.  Should I choose to leave the team and have not paid for these team fees in full, I understand that Sporting J.B. Marine SC will not approve the release of my child to play for another team. This information will be communicated to the Missouri Youth Soccer Association accordingly in accordance with the MYSA/GotSoccer player release/transfer process.

In the event of an unforeseen medical hardship (i.e. surgery and season-long recovery) occurring in the beginning of the scheduled season, the Club may make adjustment to fees due at the sole discretion of Sporting J.B. Marine SC.

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